Bonus #1: Tanwa Creation Myth

In the time that was not, when all was not, there was only the Unsung Sea, and the Egg. The Egg was all that was, and yet was not, for it was without form.

An Eternity passed, and the Egg hatched, and thus had form. From it was born the Allmother, already grown, with the knowledge of all that was. When She saw the Unsung Sea, and all that was not, She opened her mouth and sang of a Dream, for it is all that is.

She first sang of the Celestial Sea, and of Her will that governed it. Time was born, and at last the Dream could truly begin, and eventually end. She sang of light, and darkness, and decreed that they would forever be in opposition, for it is on that balance that all is based upon.

The Allmother saw all that She had sung, but knew that yet the Dream was not complete. She broadened Her melody, and thus sang of Ktrit. As light and darkness is the foundation of all, She decreed that the world would forever be torn between the two. She first sang of stone, but saw that it was barren, and so sang of the sky and seas.

Yet the Dream was not yet complete. And so, She sang of all the plants and animals of the world, so that they would fill its seas and swarm over the surface. She made them ephemeral and yet eternal, by giving them death and birth, as only the Allmother may be Eternal. She breathed onto the side of Light, and set it aflame, as to give warmth and sustenance to the life on side of Darkness.

Yet the Dream was not complete.

The Allmother descended, stepping down the Holy Mountain of Wa, and grabbed the silver soils that surrounded its base. With only the all-knowing hands She alone possessed, She moulded in Her image Azil’a, the First Woman, and sang life into her.

“You are the same, and you are different,” the Allmother sang. “From Ktrit you are born, and to Ktrit you shall return. You are naked in this world, and you are not the mightiest of all beasts. Yet you are My chosen, and thus I give unto you the gift of Dreaming, for it is what allows you to stand above all the beasts of the world. Your body is flesh and blood, but your mind can perceive the nature of the Dream, and it is your gift alone. Your rulership of Ktrit is not given to you, but with My gift, you shall take it, for no other can.”

The Allmother then took more of the silver soil, and from it molded the First Men, Vankil’a and Tankil’a.

“They are to be yours, and you are to be theirs,” the Allmother declared. “No more shall you take. Though your flesh shall wither with age, your children shall succeed you, and their children will succeed them when their flesh too grows frail. When your body dies, you shall return to the Dream until its end.”

The Allmother’s song grew harsh for a single moment, and thus created the Eternal Storm with the mist upon Her breath.

“Those who disrupt the Song of the Dream shall not return, but instead become part of all that is not, for they are no longer part of the Dream. The Song of the Dream is life, and the bringing of joy amongst you. To end life, and to bring only grief to their others, is to become one with all that is not.”

The Allmother then plucked the Sacred Fruit from the ground, and gave it to Azil’a.

“Go, and write what I have told you. The ink from this fruit is what you shall you use. You may use other fruits for their inks, but only this may be used for my Song, and you may not use it for others. Your mind is of the Dream, and thus you have the gift of Creation, but it shall never be perfect, for you are but a part of the Dream, and only the Dream is perfect. Go, now, my chosen children, and set out to understand yourselves, and thus you shall understand the Dream.”

And so, the Allmother ascended the Holy Mountain and into the Celestial Sea, and the Dream was at last complete.


One thought on “Bonus #1: Tanwa Creation Myth

  1. Hm…

    If one takes some creative liberty, then the Allmother can be read as an allegory of someone uplifting the Ktrit’zal to their intellect a few millennia before, and the Allmother’s return to the Celestial Sea would be the visitor’s return to space.
    I usually wouldn’t harbour such thoughts, as ancient astronauts rubs me wrong, but I felt the similarities worth to point out.


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